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Michael is looking ... looking for that film with ambition, with that special something. Are you that film maker? Contact Michael.

HALF-LIFE is now available of Netflix and more excitedly Netflix Watch Instantly! So, do you really have an excuse?

HALF-LIFE is available on DVD at Amazon and at Netflix

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Michael Patterson with Accademy Award Nominated Eddie Schmidt and Kirby Dick at the premier party for "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" at Sundance 2006

Photo Of Patterson With eddie SchmidtPatterson with Kirby Dick at Sundance 2006


2014 Eddie Awards
Eddie Awards Logo

Michael is proud to be the composer for the American Cinema Editor 2014 Eddie Award Show. This is Michael's 4th year as the composer! 

Sundance 2011

Troubadour Picture

It's that time again. The Sundance 2011 announcements were made and we are glad to announce that the third film to include music by Michael, Troubadours, will premier at Sundance '11. This is the second time that Michael has worked with Academy Award Nominee Eddie Schmidt.

It Was The Summer Of Shorts

We can't say that Michael is always looking to score shorts but as the summer developed more and more offers to score high quality shorts were around. So, shorts is was! Stay tuned for links and embeded videos.

Soundtracks on Amazon!

It's been a long time coming and finally we are proud announce a soundtrack series. Check out one column over for links to the recordings available on Amazon.
First up are three sondtracks the Sundance 2008 film HALF-LIFE, the 2005 Matrix parody THE HELIX: LOADED and the 2006 horror film BLOOD PREDATOR. Not only are the soundtracks available on Amazon but also available on many of your favorite internet radio streaming sites like last.fm


You got it! After 4 ysears as a flash website we are going back to HTML. Why? Hopefully we'll take advantage of the flexability of HTML5 and be able to provide you with far more information for film makers and film music fans alike. But for now , please accept our oppologies for any dead links and unsightly code as we get the site up to speed!

How about a couple of quotes from the trades:

Vareity Logo

Variety on This Film Is Not Yet Rated " ...the score produces an undeniable exhilaration"

Hollywood Reporter Logo

The Hollywood Reporter called Patterson's Score to Half-Life "Haunting"

New York Times Icon

The New York Times on This Film Is Not Yet Rated, "The heart of Mr. Dick's movie beats to the rhythm of a score that could be straight out of Shaft.

Patterson in Prague during the recording of the score to the CBS 9/11 Special

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Internet Radio!!!

A host of scores are being rolled out over the course of 2010 - 2011. Click on the icon of your favorite internet radio service below and enjoy scores from Michael's TV days, short films and of course feature films!

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